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Preparing for a site visit

There are a few measures that can be taken in order to prepare a property for a site visit before the assessor arrives in order to help your property achieve a better score and ensure that the assessment can take place.

  • Install low energy lighting into all light fittings

  • Ensure any planned improvements are already completed prior to the assessment. The assessor must assess as seen. For example loft insulation must be laid down in situ and radiators need to be plumbed in.

  • Access will be required to all rooms of the property, this includes access to cellars.

  • The assessor is required to take photographs as part of obtaining evidence for auditing purposes, these will consist of details such as radiators, light bulbs, loft insulation, wall thicknesses, any fireplaces etc. Please ensure that occupants/tenants are aware of this. Photographs will not be shared with anyone other than our accreditation scheme for auditing purposes. The Government stipulates that all assessors are quality checked.

  • Ensure that any documents detailing wall insulation or loft insulation that cannot be accessed are available for the assessor to see. These can either be emailed as digital copies to the assessor or as hard copies for the assessor to photograph upon their visit.

Note: When purchasing a property ensure that the seller hands over any documentation of work that has been completed on the property. Keep records of any improvements that have been carried out on a property, these will need to be seen each time the property has a new EPC. This evidence will be required for each new EPC.

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