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EPCs post Brexit...

The UKs current EPC legislation has been established based on EU legislation, so many people may be asking what will happen to EPCs post Brexit.

Regardless if we are in or out of the EU, the UK still has energy consumption and performance targets to meet:

  • The Climate change act 2008. Established by the UK government. This includes a target to cut the UKs Carbon Dioxide emissions by 80% from 1990 levels by 2050.

  • The Paris 2015 agreement. The UK along with 195 other countries signed up to an agreement of keeping global temperatures rises well below 2C and will strive for 1.5C.

Both of these targets will require us to assess our energy performance in order for us to assess our progress.

New build properties

Additionally, 2016 Building Regulations (which as yet are still to be introduced) will continue to include Part L1A and L1B which is the Conservation of Fuel standards that New Build dwellings or Conversions have to meet.

The Building Regulations require a new build or conversion to have an energy performance assessment to ensure it is meeting targets on energy emissions and fabric energy efficiency.

Building Regulations will be in place for the foreseeable future and so will be the on construction EPC (SAP assessments) that are the basis of measuring compliance.

Existing Build commercial and domestic properties

Regardless of Brexit we will continue to need a method of assessing, measuring and monitoring our energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions so as to meet the Climate change Act and Paris Agreement . In all likelihood we will continue to use the current system that is established, as this ensures a continuity in methodology and data measurements.

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