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Electricity is getting cleaner.

Electricity has historically been quite a dirty fuel as it requires the burning of fossil fuels to produce, which emits high levels of CO2. But the grid is changing. Ten years ago only 8% of the grid’s electricity supply was from renewable sources, today that has risen to 38%. The carbon footprint of the grid is getting smaller, and will continue to improve.

What does this mean for EPC ratings?

Currently properties with electrical heating are penalised, as the present EPC calculations are based on the grid being supplied with electricity produced by the burning of fossil fuels – which has high levels of CO2 emissions associated to it. This is set to change in the future, with electricity getting cleaner, the government will re-evaluate the ‘Fuel factor’ written in to the EPC calculation methodology. Electrical heating is set to become much more energy efficient, and so properties with electrical heating will see scores improve. It is difficult to say when this will take effect, but it is likely to be incorporated in to EPCs in 5-10 years’ time.

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