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New EPC certificates and Energy Performance of Buildings Central Register

We wanted to provide a brief update regarding upcoming changes to central EPC register and how the format of the EPC certificate is changing.

The Government is developing a new EPC register in house, moving away from the current provider, Landmark.

The new Energy Performance of Buildings Central Register and EPC format is due for release on Sunday 20th September 2020.

The new register will consolidate the four existing registers, into one; covering all energy assessment strands (Domestic, On Construction, Commercial , DEC and Air-Conditioning), in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (Note. the Scottish Register remains unaffected).

Key differences:

  • The Energy Certificate will no longer be a PDF document, but will be hosted online and accessible to all via a URL web link (The initial intention form the government was to have a URL only system, but after consultation with assessors and our accreditation schemes, there will now also be access to a printable version – we’re not sure exactly how this format will work/look yet).

  • A download document will be available from the new register, but it will be a summary of key information only and is not a replacement for the Energy Certificate.

  • No draft Energy Certificates will be available to preview prior to lodgment by energy assessors from the Register (However an ‘overview’ document will be available to summaries the draft results).

Some things remain the same:

  • All previous Energy Certificates will be migrated over and accessed from the new register

  • Report Reference Numbers will still be 20 digits long

MHCLG is encouraging users to use a ‘web link’ (a URL) which can be passed to customers/clients in order to connect them directly to the new register to obtain their energy certificates and further information. The user experience will be similar to other ".gov" websites (e.g. MOTs, Tax returns) with a hope that customers/clients become engaged and can continue on their journey to improve the energy efficiency of their home/business on a trusted Government website - gaining access to more information beyond the physical Energy Certificate e.g. what to do next, where to find grants and funding opportunities, where to get quality installers etc

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